Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Now that's Konka tough. No, I didn't mean Tonka...

Being a whinypants has finally paid off. Due to my constant complaining about only having a 20 inch television, Platypus offered up his 27 inch tv, because he is inheriting Bernie's 14 bagillion inch tv. (Bernie is getting a newer 14 bagillion inch flat screen. Woot.) You would think that this is quite the score for me... so why have I been laughing my ass of about it all day?

Because it's a Konka.

I know what you are thinking. What the hell is a Konka?? Apparently Konka is the brand name of the finest in Chinese electronics. (Yeah... China isn't really known for it's electronics...) The entire time he was trying to sell me on the idea of owning a gently used Konka, he could not stop laughing. Neither could I. I am laughing my head off as I write this. Because Konka could not be any funnier if it tried. Just imagine for a minute that you own a Konka... these are the kind of conversations you could be having:

"Yo, what is up friend?"
"I just got a new tv."
"Oh yeah, what kind?"
"A Konka."
"A whatta?"
"A Konka. It's the finest in Chinese electronics."
"Good luck with that."
"Thanks, yo."

I have yet to determine whether or not the tv is actually descent, or if this is all just part of an elaborate plot to kill me because Platypus knows the damn thing is due to explode in about 3 months time. Oh well. Only time will tell... I will leave you with my favourite part of the sales pitch, courtesy of Platypus...

Me: (laughing) "But it's a Konka!"
Platypus: "Ummm... it's got a remote! Remotes are cool, huh? Plus you can scratch off the K and replace it with a T."

Well kid, you've got yourself a deal.

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