Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An open letter to the new furnace in my house.

Dear New Furnace,

I know we've only been together for about 2 weeks and my mom says that I really need to give people a chance to prove themselves, but you are not a person. So screw that. Since you arrived on that cold day, you have given me nothing but grief. While you do have a super-capacity for pushing hot air, you seem unable to do so quietly. Every hour you start up again, and I have to turn up the volume on the television just to drown you out. Apparently, the great innovations in the furnace industry have TOTALLY MISSED YOU.

Granted, having to turn the tv up is but a minor inconvenience... but that is not my major issue with you. Every night when I am trying to sleep you RUMBLE awake and by doing so you wake ME up. Like at least 4 times a night. I might as well be sleeping in a damn wind tunnel. That is how loud you are. Plus, you make my room unbearably hot.

I am pretty much powerless in this situation because a) I can't close the vent in my room because it is old school, and b) I do not have access to heat controls. Basically, this whole thing is CRAP and I am turning into a zombie. All I want is some sleep!

I really don't think that there is a way for us to peacefully co-exist. I think we need to break up. In the meantime, I'll take some Robaxacet before bed tonight and maybe that will help me get some sleep.



PS: I hate you.

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