Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good...

Longtime readers of the Haps may recall when last year at around this time the President of the Universe came to visit us at work. At the time, Sheldon was all buddy-buddy with him and I totally made fun of him for it because I told him he was being too corporate. Turns out that he is totally REALLY in charge of the Internet now, but is thankfully not all that corporate after all. I hear he only wears suits on Thursdays. BUT I DIGRESS.

So today the President of the Universe returned to visit us again and suddenly it became very clear to me why people would want to be friends with this man. It is because he is very attractive. His hair is full of volume, he was wearing a suit without a tie, he swears and uses vaguely inappropriate language to describe situations and he has a lovely accent. Serious crush material.

Upon my arrival back at my desk, I sent Sheldon an email apologizing to him for making fun of him last year. Because I totally wish I was best friends with the President of the Universe too.

Forget you, Brosnan. There's a new man in town.


Dear Pierce Brosnan,

I totally did not mean that. It was merely a clever use of humour to illustrate that the President of the Universe is totally crush worthy. It in no way diminishes your hotness factor. Not even. So if you still want to get married, it is totally on. I still heart you.

Love and kisses,


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