Monday, January 08, 2007

Who needs a qualified physician anyways?

So I'm totally sick. I'm pretty sure it's a cold and not the flu, as per what the internet tells me. It kind of feels like my head is full of cotton... and I am a total mouth breather WHICH I HATE. Mouth breathers are so gross! Yuck.

So basically, my self-diagnosis is that I have a lame stupid cold, possibly with a slight fever. My prescription? More cowbell. And maybe some more NyQuil.

Me too, Christopher Walken. Me too.


Anonymous said...

You hang in there, tiger. Between naps today I rewrote the Fergie song in my head.

"I be up on the couch just working on my sickness
He's my witness (cough weeze)"

sarah said...

Well played, friend. Well played.

I, on the other hand just mostly make up songs about how crappy I feel. I'd give you an example, but I can't remember anything right now on account of my head being full of cotton and all.

ALSO... Platypus is sick too and he blames it all on me. WHATEVS.

brie said...

It's going around, kid. I woke up last Thursday with a sore throat. I went out and bought Cold FX. You know what? Don Cherry can friggin' suck it because that stuff just makes you all hyped up and unable to sleep. I'm still sick Mark Messier! Margaret Atwood, my nose is still stuffed up! Canadian celebrities are not to be trusted when it comes to colds!

I say, curl up with some gingerbeer and orange juice and just take it easy. I also recommend Tylenol Cold Nighttime. It makes me feel nice.

sarah said...

And the award for best blog comment of the week award goes to Brie, for "Don Cherry can friggin' suck it..."

HA! I couldn't agree more.