Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Me + Inappropriate jokes = True Love 4Ever

It is a well known fact amongst my peers that if you want to get me to really laugh about something, you have to take things to the limit. And by limit, I mean the boundaries of good taste. I much prefer the ones that are just on the verge... straddling the line, if you will. It's a hard thing to pull off, but when you do... magic happens.

Everyone knows the rules. There are certain people/things/circumstances that you are never supposed to joke about. Like citizens of third world countries, which is why the following story is so goddamn funny.

So today at lunch Bernie was explaining to Craig, Seb and I about how yesterday he was feeling too lazy to make a proper dinner for Platypus (who is the Jay to Bernie's Silent Bob... or is it vice versa? Who can say, really.) so he sent him home with frozen chili. We all laughed about it, because let's face it boys, the fact that Bernie is such a devoted mom is kind of hilarious. Until that point, I don't think Seb had realized that Bernie seriously cooks for Platypus every day. His reaction was amazing (please say this with a french accent, svp):

"What is this, World Vision? You sponsor that guy? Does he send you pictures every month? Write you letters? Dear Bernie, thank you for the food. I go to school now! It is all because of you."

I think Craig and I were laughing about that one for a good solid 10 mins. I nearly cried. It was the accent that really sold it though.

Frig. World Vision...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

That one's going in the hall of fame, for serious.

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