Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh George Michael, you are a crafty one...

Last week Craig, Mary and I were watching old music videos on youtube and came across this cinematic gem:

About 30 seconds into it, Craig yelled out, "HE IS SO GAY!!!!" We laughed about it, and as we watched more of the video, I began to wonder... HOW DID THEY NOT KNOW FOR SURE???? This video is pretty much solid proof of his incredible gayness. I mean, really... look at those shorts... look at those moves.

The more I thought about it, I finally realized why nobody 'officially' knew until that unfortunate bathroom incident. It is all because of this:

He might as well have been wearing a shirt that says "I love the ladies". As long as this video accompanied it, I never would have doubted it.

The point of this was basically for me to post George videos because I seriously love him. You didn't need to try and fool us, George. Nothing could ever take away from your musical awesomeness.

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