Saturday, October 18, 2008

Don't just stand there, bust a move.

At midnight. In Walmart.

I am terribly easy to please. Last night at around 10, Lydia said "Let's go to the Walmart that is open until midnight!" and I was all, "HELLS YEAH!"

It was a friggin awesome field trip. I am so amused by being in stores or restaurants that are open really late, or 24 hours. It just feels so crazy, like you shouldn't be able to do it. I love it!

So there we were, at 11:30 on a Friday night in the Walmart grocery store. Lydia was pushing the cart and checking out bargains, while I was having a Steve Winwood dance party. I think I danced my way through that entire store, and was not the least bit embarrassed. Because I was in Walmart. At 11:30 at night. It's like, the one place where nobody can judge you for acting like a giant dork. Because they are also in Walmart. At 11:30 at night. On a Friday.

I want to learn how to live every day like I'm in Walmart at midnight. Life is just so much more fun when you feel free to dance around like an idiot and are not worried about what other people are thinking about you.

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