Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heroes: Whaaaaaaaa???

Lydia is totally into watching Heroes, and therefore since I am home at the same time and it comes on right after Gossip Girl (WHICH IS AWESOME) I end up sort of half watching it as well. Which, since I have not watched any other seasons of the show, makes for a terribly confusing hour of my life.

First off, I'm always squinting at the TV because it is so dark! What, like people with random superpowers to not need the aid of light? Was this covered in Season 1? Did I miss the line where they were like, "Hey, welcome to Heroes. All of said Heroes can see in the dark. It is very eco-friendly and we save so much money on electricity bills."

I just sit there, trying to see if I can piece things together by myself. (I don't want to be THAT person who asks questions every 30 seconds because I don't know what is going on.) Every now and then she yells something at the TV like, "OH MY GOD!" or "HURRY UP! GET OUT OF THERE!" which helps me a little bit because I am able to determine that something sort of important just happened. So far I have determined that the blonde girl's Dad is kind of a jerk, there are lots of evil people, and I am supposed to think the Japanese kid is funny. (Which I don't, really.)

But at the end of each episode I am left sitting there thinking, "HUH?" I could probably make this easier on myself if I would just go watch the show from the beginning, but I'm not really interested in it at all. My verdict so far (after 3 episodes, I think) is: meh.

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Erin Riley said...

My verdict of this season is also Meh. In fact, I stopped watching.