Monday, October 27, 2008

A mavericky maverick.

That's me, a mavericky maverick! Particularly with regards to oatmeal.

Well, friends... I've done it again! This morning I decided to make a latte instead of just using the ol' french press. Making a latte requires more of my attention, since you can't really walk away from it. You kind of have to stand there the whole time. This meant that if I hoped to leave my house on time, I would have to skip making toast for breakfast as I had planned. So out came the tupperware and in went a scoop of plain quick cooking oats. I was just about to put some sugar in with it when I noticed the tub of peanut butter that I had set out on the counter when I had thought I was going to eat toast. "Hmmmm..." I grabbed a spoon and plopped a scoop of peanut butter in there with the oats.

When I got to work I added in the hot water and let it sit for a bit. When it was all cooked, I stirred in the peanut butter and added in a squirt of honey. IT. WAS. YUMMY.

In my mind, I thought it would end up tasting much like a peanut butter oatmeal cookie. And it did. But without all the insane amounts of sugar. I AM SO DAMN CLEVER SOMETIMES. I'm sure you are all intimidated a little by that, aren't you? ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't know what makes you cooler: that you make tasty beverages, or that you buy peanut butter by the tub. This is all win-win with me. Carry on.

sarah said...

To be fair, it is not exactly a tub. It's not GIANT or anything. It is just in a container that does not qualify as a jar. I suppose I should have went with calling it merely a container. Meh!