Sunday, October 26, 2008

The one where I totally saw your butt.

In honour of the celebration of the b-days of my super rad cousins, I went to a club. (I KNOW, RIGHT????) Yes, friends. It is true. I went to a club. A fancy one.

It is called Canvas Lounge. Perhaps you have heard of it? It's an art gallery by day, and bumpin' (shit. Do the kids still say that?) party spot by night. In the name of family drinking night, I agreed to go. It was a little crazy. Here's why:

First you wait in the line for a bit. We didn't wait too long cause we be rollin' with the VIP's and were on the guest list. So they check your ID outside, BEFORE you go in. No big deal. Then they checked in my purse. A little weird, but whatevs. Apparently if you are a boy, you also have to go through a metal detector. (WHAT?) So then you get inside and you show your ID AGAIN to another dude, who then scans it into a computer. Then he takes your picture. Then you move over to a new line where you pay cover. This is where the girl says, "That will be $21." Then I say, "SERIOUSLY????"

Then they move you over to another spot where another chick says "Mandatory coat check! $9." And I say, "Touche." Once you hand over your coat, you are FINALLY allowed to go in. Seriously. I half wanted to ask someone if this is where they housed the REAL Mona Lisa or some shit like that. But at least one can say with relative confidence that you are unlikely to get a cap in yo ass while you are inside the building. I think it is easier to obtain entry to most foreign countries.

So THEN we went in and found out that our peeps were in the VIP room. That was kind of alright. It was pretty hilarious drinking with the fam, as it always is. How does that saying go? The family that drinks together is fucking awesome? Something like that. ANYWAYS... this was where the real fun started. As the place started to fill up, there were more and more ladies out in their club gear. Which apparently means wearing an effing SHIRT and that is all. These chicks were wearing "dresses" that maybe covered their butts IF they happened to be standing still. Which they were not. Because they were very busy dancing like ho's. I think you can see where I am going with this. Basically, because the VIP room is sunken and located down some stairs, and the ladies were shaking it at the top of said stairs... it was all in plain view. And it was disturbing.

However, aside from those traumas, it was pretty fun! I really do have the most awesome family EVAR. Yay!


Anonymous said...

jesus h christ. $30 to get in?
that's like vegas prices.
that is fucked. i would never pay that.
cover charge is bullshit... and if the coat check is mandatory, then charging you $9 for it is just wrong.
god, i hate club people.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this blog rocks. Of course, that means you rock by default, but really what I am driving at is that I rock for finding and reading it. You have totally added to my rock-ness. I just thought I would let you know all this because it probably will make you much I rock, I mean.

sarah said...

I agree, $30 to get in is INSANE. It kinda was like vegas though... they had bottle service at the table! It was crazy. Clubs are so not my thing. I'm more into the cheap pub beer experience.

And welcome, Tim! I'm glad you are enjoying it. I work pretty hard at rocking, so it is good to know I am succeeding a little bit!

Anonymous said...

$21 cover???? Do you remember when we thought it was wrong to pay $5 at the Ozone? The freaking Ozone! I could not have afforded to drink in the city when I turned 19.