Wednesday, October 29, 2008

El supreme-o lack-o of concentration-o.

I have had a bitch of a time focusing on things at work today. Could be something to do with the fact that I think I am getting sick. It has gotten progressively worse throughout the day... what started as the sniffles has now morphed into an achey body, stuffy nose and a little bit of coughing. I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton balls. MEH.

So this has all meant that I feel tired... and therefore can get about 3 mins into a given task before I star staring into space or some shit like that. About 10 mins ago OMD came on the radio. It was "If You Leave", which was on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. So I'm sitting there, working away, when I hear the song and immediately stop doing what I am trying to do. I sat there for the entire song thinking about the moment in the movie where Andie totally chooses Blaine instead of Duckie, and how EVERY TIME that happens I yell out "NOOOOOOOO! ANDIE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? ANDREW MCCARTHY HAS A WEIRD FACE! AND HE'S BORING! DUCKIE IS AWESOME!" Seriously. I get all riled up whenever I see it. I mean, really. Who wants to see Awkward McCarthy make out with ANYONE? Yawn.

ANYWAYS, I finally noticed that I had stopped working so I started up again. But then I started thinking about how I had stopped working when I heard OMD and I thought I needed to write about that. So now you have this steaming pile of crap. And it's all because I have ADD. (Heh. When I first typed ADD I accidentally typed ASS.)

So... I'm sorry I got sick and made you read this.


brie said...

I recently read two interesting things about "Pretty in Pink."

1) Robert Downey Jr. was the original choice for Duckie.

2) Andie was supposed to end up with Duckie, but test-audiences did not like that ending so they re-did it so she ends up with Blake (or whatever the hell his uber-prep name is).


Anonymous said...

I just watched mannequin a few weeks ago when it played on cable because I'm a lame geek and I agree- Andrew McCarthy does have a weird face. I think maybe his eyes are too far apart. I wonder if he has bird vision. That would be totally worth the freakishly seperated eyes if it gave him bird vision.