Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Take a bite out of crime... or perhaps just this delicious apple.

When I walked into work today, one of my coworkers was wandering around handing out apples from a giant shopping bag. He put one on my desk, and right away I was really excited about it. You see friends, this is no ordinary apple. This particular apple comes from an orchard which is owned by said coworker's mother. This particular apple was picked from the tree, put in a box and brought right to my desk! (There was probably a little bit of a stopover along the way, but you get the point.)

There is no wax on it. It is a beautiful shiny red colour all on its own. The most remarkable thing about this apple is that it SMELLS LIKE AN APPLE. It is sitting in front of me, on my desk and I can smell it from here!

This is going to be the best apple I will have all year. I'm going to eat it right now. YUMMMMM!


brie said...

Those are the BEST types of apples. The kind of apples that make me wanna say "How'd you like them apples?" I like them a lot!

Anonymous said...

amazing huh?
we have a total disconnect from "real food" these days.
in fact today, in an effort to rectify this, my friend and i are taking her 2 kids to the pumpkin patch to teach them that food comes from farms, not from the grocery store.