Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweaters and sneezes.

Normally I am a fan of Fall (or Autumn, as some call it), but not this year. As soon as the air decided to go ahead an become crisp, my nose got angry and staged a full scale revolt. For about a month or so, I have been fighting off allergies like CRAZY. It's pissing me off, yo!

If I do not take an allergy pill before bed, I get super stuffed up and don't sleep very well. So I take the allergy pill. I am fine for about 10 mins in the morning. After that, I have a really runny nose. For the remainder of the day at work, I sneeze like mad and alternate between runny and stuffy nose.

Upon my arrival at home the sneezing remains steady, but there is a gradual move back to full on stuffy nosedness. Then I take the allergy pill at bedtime, and we start all over again.

This is all very trying. It is making me a bit of a grumpy pants. Am I the only one dealing with this? It sort of feels like I am perpetually fighting off a cold that just never seems to materialize. What the heck? If that is the case, I'd almost rather get full on sick so that I can just get better already! Grrrrrr. Fall can SUCK IT!

ALSO... you may have noticed that I am making you jump through some new hoops if you wish to comment. You see, dear friends, I have finally gotten to the level of SUPREME annoyance with those who choose to leave negative and weird comments and are not brave enough to attach a name to them. That's the Internet for you! So please continue to leave comments, but know that they might take awhile to be published because now I have to approve them first. Look at me, ruling with an iron fist! (But don't worry. I am not hiding anything under my sweater.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
My little brother used to get allergy shots when he was a kid, maybe you can get them during the fall only?