Friday, October 24, 2008

Economic crisis? Meh.

Earlier this week I made a huge mistake. (I STILL laugh every time I use the phrase "huge mistake".) After work I was watching some TV and flipping through the channels. I paused for a moment on the news. Not because I wanted to see me some news, but because Kevin Newman is muy caliente! ANYWAYS... he was talking about the current state of our precious little economy and it sucked me in. After about 15 mins I was FREAKING OUT.

Money is something that has always triggered anxiety in me. I'm used to worrying about ME not having any money. But now I gotta worry about THE ENTIRE WORLD not having any money? That's enough to drive a kid insane! (Not really. But it *does* have the potential to make a kid spend some time hiding under a pile of blankets and engage in other avoidance behavior.) So after worrying about it for a good long while, I was prompted to write this statement (in the form of a tweet):

"Fuck this shit, I'm moving back to the barter system."

I thought I was being pretty hilarious there. But then I started to really think about how that might work out for me. Sure, I've probably got a lot of crap that I don't want anymore that I could trade in for things... but the barter system also relies heavily on bartering with your skills.

My marketable skills include: sarcasm, observational humour, tap dancing, trombone playing, writing jokes .000001% of the population understands, entertaining the elderly and I also make a pretty decent vegetarian chili.

So unless the goods/services I am seeking to obtain are along the lines of "let me guest blog for you" or "invite me to your party" I am kind of screwed.

Please. Offer me some help here, people. What else could I use to barter with? I have a feeling like this is something I'm going to need to know.


Lydia said...

I signed you up for the Lululemon Dance Off. MODERATE THIS.

sarah said...

Well that's just not fair to Lulu... you know, since there are only 30 spots they will be way mad when only 29 show up.