Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make up your mind.

Whoa! The election is on Tuesday! Can you believe it???

Voting can be very confusing an overwhelming to some. Who do you vote for? Why should you vote for them? Only you can really answer that for yourself, but I've found something to help you out if perhaps you are like me and are more than a little frightened by the notion of a Conservative majority.

I came across this article in the Georgia Straight about strategic voting. Basically, those crazy left-wing biased journalists at the Straight want to help you figure out how to best use your vote to stop Stephen Harper! How kind of them! It is broken down into 19 different ridings across the Lower Mainland, and they tell you who has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives in each one of them. (Keep in mind, they are not necessarily telling you who the BEST candidate is. Only who has the best chance of winning if we were all to vote strategically.)

Luckily for me, the candidate that they recommend in my riding is the person I would vote for anyways. So I don't have to feel guilty about strategic voting. However, I would say that it is definitely something to consider doing.

I happen to agree with the Straight, and would urge everyone to consider how to best use your vote.



brie said...

I'm excited too. Our polling station is less than a block from our front door. Woo-hoo! I also live in a riding with a candidate I'm proud to support.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for free newspapers otherwise I'd never know who to vote for!