Sunday, April 26, 2009


So... it is 1:10am and I am still awake, despite feeling tired. I have also managed to bruise my hand by fiddling around with a gadget that I can't get to work. Not cool, man. Not cool.





1:12am: Oh, hey. What's up, 1:12am? What. Is. Up.

1:14am: I look pretty adorable in my pj's.

1:17am: Hey, remember when I used to read books? HA!

1:18am: I should probably get back into that. I've gotten dumber since I stopped. I'm sure of it.

1:21am: At least I don't live in the east, because then it would be like, 4:21am and I would be SUPER PISSED OFF.

1:25am: I need an insomnia buddy. Who wants to volunteer?

1:26am: No, seriously. I need you to entertain me.

1:28am: Part-time position, starts IMMEDIATELY.

1:30am: I bet I can stand on my head.

1:31am: I cannot stand on my head.

1:36am: I wish I had some cheese.

1:38am: How often can you Google yourself before it starts getting weird?

1:40am: Your mom goes to college.

1:41am: Just hangin' out. In the dark. With my eyes open. Again.

1:48am: I JUST YAWNED. This is promising.

1:50am: And now, time for a little interpretive dance number.

1:52am: And now, time to act like my foot doesn't hurt from stepping on that pen.

1:55am: If I sneeze one day and my eye pops out, I'm going to be very upset.

1:56am: OH, COME ON!

1:58am: I bet there is a pea under my mattress. It is the only logical explanation.

2:00am: This was way funnier the first time.

2:02am: I'm bored. Who wants to go operate some heavy machinery?

2:04am: It could be worse. I could be living in Manitoba. (No offense.)

2:05am: I take it back. But only the no offense part. SUCK IT, MANITOBA.

2:10am: I'm going to stop now.

2:11am: Ugh.

Good night. Morning? Whatthefuckever.

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