Thursday, April 02, 2009


There is a cute boy who apparently lives in my neighborhood. We both catch the bus at the same time every morning. Today I stood beside him the whole way, which was very exciting. I was doing that whole "I'm not looking at you, BUT I'M TOTALLY LOOKING AT YOU" thing, quite successfully, I thought.

When it came time to get off the bus, I had to lean over to ring the bell. This involved a complex operation of ducking under his arm, ringing the bell and then standing upright again. It looked so cute and adorable... UNTIL I WHACKED MY HEAD ON A POLE.

A year ago, a lesser confident me would have been pretty mortified. But now? Whatevs. Injuring myself in ridiculous ways in public places? That's just how I roll, yo.


Mina said...

This is the exact type of situation you "fall" into him. Then bat your eyelashes at him and smile.

brie said...

Well, guaranteed that he noticed you. So that's something.