Friday, April 17, 2009

The ritual.

I have this thing that I do at least once a week. Usually more. Typically it is on Friday nights, but it can happen any time I happen to come home to an empty house.

I put on my iPod.

I put on this song.

I dance. I dance like I need the money. I dance like the fate of the universe depends on it. I dance like a hybrid James Brown/David Byrne robot.

I do the Molly Ringwald, mixed with the froog, topped with the most intense motherfucking shimmying you have ever seen. I flip my hair, I clap my hands, I shake my ass, I stomp my feet.

At the end of the song, I collapse on the bed or in a chair and grin. I stay there for awhile, because acting like an idiot is kind of exhausting. God, do I LOVE acting like an idiot.

Try it. You'll never want to be clever again.

NOTE: The video is weird and creepy. It's the only full version of the song I could find, yo! Maybe you should minimize it, ignore all the murdering and just listen to the song.

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