Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I wear the pants.

I was folding laundry when I looked down and saw it. A GIANT, FUZZY, WINGED DISGUSTING BUG.

Naturally, I screamed like a girl and ran down the hallway. "OH MY JESUS LORD FRIGGING CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING????"

I crept back down the hallway to look at it again. Then it moved. "OH MY GOD KILL IT KILL IT KILLLLLLL ITTTTTTT!"

I looked around. There are no boys here. Boys are supposed to kill bugs. But there are no boys here.

"Sack up, man. Sack up."

Yeah, I did it. I shooed that little bastard right out the door.

What? I couldn't handle killing it. I guess this means I get to keep my lady parts after all.

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vancityrockgirl said...

boys are indeed handy for that stuff.

i once employed the tactic of using a tennis ball to kill a spider on my wall when i lived alone.
i just kept bouncing it as hard as i could in the general direction of the spider until i got it.
that was one big fucking spider... i wouldn't get close enough to it to kill it by hand.