Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's too early to call this one.

Despite my tempting offer of Spock money, there were no takers on the whole face-licking thing. Really, guys? Really? I know of at least 3 mildly creepy people on the Internet that would let me do that for FREE. In fact, they would probably pay *me*.

Wow, I just really creeped myself out there. Haha, good thing I still have comment moderation turned on! OMG. Gross. Why did I go there? Why?

ANYWAYS... no thanks to you lot, I am feeling a bit sniffly today. This has some potential. The idea is to have it hit its peak levels on late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. It's pretty much the perfect crime. Except that it is not a crime and is far from perfect.

This still feels a bit weird. I'm not saying I would lick a face for money... but you know what? In the interest of full disclosure, I'm just going to say it. I'd totally lick a cute face for free. But only a cute one.

Still weird, right?


KathleenLD said...

Did you get any attempts at really uncomfortably awkward comments?

sarah said...

Nope, not a single one! RIP OFF.

KathleenLD said...