Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You're the best!

I got an email this morning that said, "Thanks! You're the best!"

So of course my brain goes into full on Joe Esposito mode right after reading that. This is what I have been singing all morning:

I'm the best. Around. Nothing's ever gonna keep me down.

I have proof. IN WRITING.


vancityrockgirl said...

you don' even want to know how often my husband and i sing that fucking song.
it seriously comes out like every day or two.
we're sick sick people.
i blame that south park episode.

Craig said...

It's embarrassing to admit that not only did I immediately click on that and start listening (at work), but I even got all pumped up watching it as if I were unsure of how well Daniel was going to do in the tournament (You know, because I didn't watch the movie a million times when I was a kid and didn't own the novelization of the movie, too.)

brie said...

Have you seen "The King of Kong"? This song is prominently featured and I was singing it for days following the screening.