Friday, April 17, 2009

It's just like in real life!

So I had heard about this video before, but never actually had the patience to watch the whole damn thing. Hence why I just figured out that I'm actually in it. Say whaaaaaa?

Basically, there was this conference in where some Germans read tweets from Favrd out loud in English and videotaped it. They are all sort of grouped thematically, and it ends up being rather hilarious and weird. Especially with those cute little accents.

Here's the link. They start speaking English at the 16:00 min mark. I pop up somewhere around 21:00 ish.

Nobody laughed at mine. See? Just like in real life.


Anonymous said...

I think the fault lies in their rather stilted delivery rather than your content. :)

brie said...

I totally heard AT LEAST one chuckle. You're too modest. There was some laughter...and it was in German!