Thursday, January 26, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum...

If I worked at the Forum, then that would not be a lie. I don't work there. But a funny thing did happen on the way to work! Though, I have a feeling that out of all the people that read this (there's like, 3 of you now... you should seriously consider starting some kind of club.) that only one of you will understand. That makes me a little annoyed, actually... but whatever! I'll just tell you my story.

I was walking to work this morning after I got off the bus and the singer guy from Young and Sexy (the best little local band ever!!) walked past me. (I'm pretty sure it was him.) The reason this was so HILARIOUS is that we were walking on Broadway. I thought to myself... "Self, I wonder if he is going to work at his "regular" job... at a new cafe, perhaps?" Then I laughed. WASN'T THAT AN AWESOME STORY???

So, now that you are confused and think that is the dumbest story EVER... I say this to you:

If you don't understand how HILARIOUS that story is, then you obviously do not listen to Young and Sexy. So maybe you should get on that. Cause they are awesome. And young-ish. And maybe a little sexy-ish. I guess it depends on who you ask. But the point is that you should listen to them.

When you have completed the task, come back and read this again. You will then see that it is HILARIOUS and laughter will begin. You will love it.


Peace out, yo.


Anonymous said...

you could be *slightly* less mysterious and just tell the peeps that Young and Sexy have a song called "The City You Live In Is Ugly", in which are contained the lyrics "you're working on Broadway, early shift at a new cafe"

anyway. Young and Sexy really are awesome. maybe one of them will read this.

sarah said...

Yes, I could have been more specific, but you are forgetting about how my middle name is "very-mysterious". (What can I say? I have hippie parents. They are big on the hyphens.)

So I've got that going for me.