Monday, January 23, 2006

The sugar high is over and I am emotionally exhausted.

Even though I am super pissed about these election results, I still love voting. Voting is awesome. Stephen Harper is not. (Zing!)

Were you watching the CBC election coverage? Is it just me, or did the voice of their interpreter sound like Vincent Price? It was actually pretty freakin' funny. The CBC coverage was actually kind of annoying because the Hour's coverage with George was barely on at all! So much for reaching out to the kids. Rick Mercer was on for all of 3 mins in the beginning and that was it! LAME! Peter Mansbridge is good though.

Ummmm... so I am still really annoyed. I have eaten two bowls of ice cream to console myself. Now I feel sick. I am not blaming it on the ice cream. I am blaming it on the Harper. I am very tired.

I would like to end it on a positive note though. I am SO proud of my buddies in the NDP! They got so many more seats, and I think that's wicked awesome. Hooray for Jack Layton!

I'm too tired to be funny right now. Three posts in one day is a lot of work for this little girl! Bed. Now. Sleep. Good. Harper. Bad. Night!

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