Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm feeling better. A little.

So today at work something sort of funny happened. The President of the Universe came to talk to us about what's going on back at Universe Headquarters in Toronto. He seems like a very nice man and he even swore once. It was pretty funny. ANYWAYS, he was telling us this story about how the guys that invented the game "bejewelled" sold it for like a million billion dollars. At this point I said to one of the guys I work with who is in charge of the Internet (like... the WHOLE THING, seriously.) that I needed to invent an internet thing so that I can make a million billion dollars. Then it came to me. My blog! This is totally worth a million billion dollars! We both agreed that it would work. How could it not?

Later on, when the president of the universe finished his talk, the following conversation took place, which is where the funny came in:

Me: "I don't know how I feel about this internet thing. I think it's spying on me."

Guy in charge of the internet: "I know, it's crazy. But it's kinda cool."

Me: "I guess. I like the internet."

Guy in Charge of internet: "That's how you will make a million billion dollars."

Me: "Totally."

Other guy who is NOT in charge of the internet: "What's going on?"

Guy in charge of the internet: "Sarah's going to sell her blog and make a million billion dollars."

Other guy NOT in charge of internet: "What? Sarah's going to sell her body to make a million billion dollars?"


(note: at this point I am mildly insulted... but not really.)

Me: "My BLOG not my body, ASS!"

So that was pretty much it. Good times. I'll be back later. Talk amongst yourselves.

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