Monday, January 23, 2006

I voted! It was awesome! The results so far are not!

I think it may be getting very close to the time when we break out the emergency ice cream. I removing my "objective journalism" hat and f*cking throwing it across the room. I hate Stephen "Look at me I'm the prime minister of Stupidville" Harper. That used to be a hilarious joke. But now it's actually TRUE!

Right now I am sitting on the couch watching CBC election coverage and condemning all the conservative candidates to hades. You laugh, but I really am shouting at the tv "Flaherty from Whitby-Oshawa? YOU'RE GOING TO HADES!!!!" Ha! That's pretty funny if you think about it. ME condemning the CONSERVATIVES to hell? Don't they have a word for that? Irony. That's it.

I'm getting a tension headache. This is crap.

This just in: voter turnout is up! That's a step in the right direction... now if only they had all voted THE RIGHT WAY. Obviously some people are not reading my blog, because I specifically asked y'all not to eff it up. But you did. Way to go. Michael Moore is never going to forgive us now!!

I'm going to go get the ice cream now. Wah!

So long, health care! It was nice while it lasted. Farewell, all that is good and wonderful about this country. We used to be friends.

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