Saturday, January 21, 2006


I want Scott Feschuk's job. He is the chief speechwriter for Paul Martin. He is freaking HILARIOUS. He has been keeping a blog on the Liberal's website since the start of the campaign. Here is a tiny excerpt from one of his many posts:

10:12 AM - Before we head west to Vancouver, with stops along the way in North Bay, Ont., and Edmonton, the PM is going out here in Montreal this morning to announce more cash money for infrastructure as part of our municipal agenda. I haven't read the policy in great detail, so I might not be your best source of information. But so far as I can tell the basic gist is that a Liberal government will build our cities, quite possibly on rock 'n roll. This is terrific news for most Canadian communities, but a tragic revelation for residents of Funkytown, whose disco foundations disqualify it from both federal funding and classic rock airplay.

I think that if the PM's speeches were all like this, he would rule this country for the next 25 damn years!!! I mean... the foundation of this country must be built on something solid... and ask you this: what is more solid than rock n' roll?

I still love you Jack Layton. I just think rock n' roll is really awesome. Don't forget to vote on Monday, bitches!

(Just to clarify, this was not to entice you to vote Liberal. I just really think Scott Feschuk is funny. He wears glasses. I wonder if he's married...)

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