Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey Oprah, SHUT IT!

So Oprah is totally ANNOYING me. This whole deal with the James Frey book... I think it's totally stupid. I just saw some clips of the "confrontation" show and read parts of a transcript from the show. I have concluded that she is a hypocrite. And I love that.

First of all, I thought it was hilarious about how MAD she was. Her fists were all clenched, and she had her "grrrr" face on... and she would have us all believe that the reason that she was SO MAD was because James Frey is a liar. (Much like that crazy bird from Brian Fellow's Safari Planet.)

Grrrr! So mad! She's gonna KILL YOU!

But that's not why she was mad. She was mad cause he made her look dumb. I honestly don't think she cares all that much about the fact that he made some stuff up. She's really just pissed that she didn't have the brains to have the book checked out in the first place. She's just worried that her trusting and loyal readers might feel betrayed by her... and maybe in the next round of the book club they won't but her damn books. *Goodbye 5 trillion dollars! I totally needed you!*

I felt like it was unneccessary for her to go after him so aggressively... one part in particular really annoyed me. She was grilling him about how his girlfriend in the book died. He had written that she had hung herself... but she had actually slit her wrists. Oprah was all, "You lied. She didn't hang herself." WHAT THE HELL BUSINESS OF IT IS YOURS??? She committed suicide. Does it really matter how? It's not like you are her goddamn mother... how she actually died is of no matter to Oprah. She just used it to target him... so he looks like an awful person and she looks like a victim. What an annoying woman she is.

I don't think it's really a huge deal. He lied in a BOOK. This man is not a journalist. He wrote about his own life story, and since it truly is HIS story... I think he's entitled to take liberties if he is so inclined. I really don't see it as manipulative at all. In fact, I kinda like the fact that he pissed her off. Plus, he was nice enough to go back on the show and get grilled by her in front of millions of people. It's not like she was using this as an opportunity or anything... she just wanted to expose the truth!

She says she's mad about the manipulation... and I sure bet she was REALLY pissed when the ratings came in the next day. That, my friends is the real manipulation.

Thank you Oprah, for reminding me that I really hate people who are totally self-righteous. It's always comforting to know that if I don't know any better, I can turn on the tv and you'll tell me. Good times.

One more thing... OPRAH = HARPO = HARP-O= HARP...ER? I smell conspiracy!


Anonymous said...

I totally watched that and it pissed me off that no one is allow to betray Oprah. If people are allowed to piss me off they can sure as hell make Oprah mad. She's a flipping cow.

sarah said...

Oprah's a cow! Ha! That's funny! Remember when she got sued by beef? Ha!

Well, technically she got sued by Texan cattle ranchers... but I'm pretty sure they collectively go by the name "beef". Or at least they wouldn't mind if you called them that.