Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maybe I love this show show much that I would marry it. No. Not maybe. Definitely.

I watched this new show last night called Love Monkey. I think you can tell just from the title that it is AWESOME. But it gets better. Remember that guy from Ed? (His real name is Tom Cavanagh.) He's in it. (And he's totally cute, btw.) But it gets even better. Remember Jason Priestley? He's in it!!!

(Note: Before watching "Love Monkey" I watched this Celebrity Wedding special and Jason Priestley's wedding was on it. When he first saw his fiance walking down the aisle in her dress, he started SOBBING. Like seriously CRYING. It was beautiful. He's so cute! What a little crier. You are a good man, Jason Priestley. A good man. She is lucky to have you!)

ANYWAYS, so this show was way awesome. Basically, the premise is as follows: Cute guy (Tom Cavanagh) is a record exec for a mondo label. Totally gets fired. Finds this awesome guitar playing kid named Wayne. (Who, btw, does not use a last name. Who does he think he is? Cher? He's not half bad, honestly... but he's no Prince, that's for sure!) ANYWAYS, so because he discovered this Wayne kid, he gets an A&R job at a sweet indie label. This is pretty much what I wish my life was like. Sweet job at a record label. Nice!

It's a really funny show... and I was particularily fond of how every time someone used a phrase or sentence in conversation that contained a song title, Tom says "Song title!". I totally do that in my head. Like, all the time. There are other people in the show, and they are kinda funny and whatever, but we don't really care about them. What we DO care about is the music!

For starters, the theme song to this show is by Odds... remember "Someone Who is Cool?" Way to go for keepin' it real on the Canadian tip! Word. So there's the awesome theme song... and then they play KISS! (yesss!) It just got better and better and better after that. It's filled with LOADS of musical references... and I really wish these people were real cause then we could hang out all the time and be music nerds together.

They played one song... and it caused Lydia and I to FREAK OUT a little bit. He goes to the ice rink for some skating... and suddenly... they are playing... The Magic Numbers!!! It was so friggin' awesome!!! I am going to watch this show every week. It is highly recommended for all music nerds.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go wash my glasses and take a hit from my asthma inhaler.

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