Thursday, March 23, 2006

Move over Emeril, there's a new chef in town...

Last night Lydia and I may have developed what will likely become known as "the best recipe in the history of recipes". Seriously. What is it? Prepare to be amazed...

NON-VEGAN VEGAN BROWNIES!!!!! (Patent pending.)

I sense some confusion on your part. Allow me to explain. I'm not usually down with vegan stuff. Vegans are annoying. (That's right, I said it! Are you mad? Go drink your wheatgrass, HIPPIE!) ANYWAYS, Lyds and I wanted to bake something but we had no eggs. Rather than going to GET eggs, I cleverly thought of making vegan brownies.

Vegan brownie recipes are the only GOOD thing those vegans ever did for us.

BUT... since vegans are so annoying, we totally used other animal products in our recipe. (patent pending.) It turned out great! They are both delicious and ironic. Everything tastes better when irony is involved.

Maybe if you are nice to me, I will let you try some of our amazingly ironic Non-Vegan Vegan Brownies (patent pending). Or maybe I could just eat them all by myself. There's always that option.

Later, jerks. (Patent pending.)


Anonymous said...

Remember when your blog had pictures?
-That ruled.

sarah said...

Good point, anonymous. I myself have been thinking about that. I'll totally get back into it... when the inspiration strikes me. Thanks for the input.

PS: Your parents must be terribly cruel people, giving you a name like that.
Were they purposely trying to crush every ounce of self-esteem you ever had?
Have you considered family therapy? Maybe you should talk it out.