Monday, March 13, 2006

Sarah and the Best Sleep Ever!

Yesterday was such a tired day. I was bloody exhausted. This is what happens when for 4 consecutive days you have really bad sleeps and then just when you think that on Saturday night you are going to have the most amazing sleep since the great sleep of January 2004, Jesselyne viciously tricks you and instead of having the best sleep ever in your comfy queen size bed, you end up sharing a teeny tiny cot with another person. That, my friends was not the best sleep ever, btw. It was probably the worst. It was a very small cot.

Sunday night was the best sleep ever. The kind when you go to sleep and wake up a million hours later, look at the clock and say to yourself, "Oh HELL yeah!". It made me have a happy monday morning. Good times.

SO... yesterday after I finally got home, I went out again and had the BEST fish and chips ever. (Ever, ever? Evah, evah? Yep.) I had them at Granville Island at an outdoor shack-restaurant by the fish docks called "Go Fish!". It was so good, that I almost feel like I should walk around the city and writing "For a good time call Go Fish!" on bathroom walls. Delish. If you decide to try it for yourself, give us a ring and I'll totally go with you. It's soooooooooooooo yummy.

While we were there, I saw a strange thing. There was a group of protesters marching across the Granville Street Bridge. Apparently, they were illiterate. They had the worst chant I have ever heard. It was embarrassing. It made no sense at all. There were no complete sentences. Here is their chant: (which was done in the traditional protest manner of call and answer.)

etc, etc...

They appeared to have 4 or 5 things to yell out, which they rotated at random. This caused much confusion amonst witnesses of said protest. For a few good minutes I thought these people were proposing that we just go in there and take over China. They seemed to really want it. Then it seemed like they wanted China to live long and prosper. Then they were suddenly mad at China for human rights violations. Small children started running around the restaurant area yelling about how they too wanted China. It was all just so very confusing. Here are some comments made by observers of this strange phenomenon:

Me: "We want! Complete sentences!"
Jess: "I wonder if that's an ESL field trip..."

So, this inspired me to come up with a handy little guide to protest chants. It's pretty easy.

TIP #1: Complete sentences, a-holes! That one is obvious.
eg: "WE WANT! CHINA! TO STOP! KILLING PEOPLE!" Now we all get what your deal is. See?

TIP# 2: Rhyming helps. People remember that shit. Plus it is fun to say!
eg: "Human rights is wicked awesome! Human rights is supported by possums!"
(So that one needs a little work. But you get the point.)

TIP #3: Don't give the bullhorn to the one person in your group that is a complete tool. I'm pretty sure that's what happened yesterday.

That's all for now. Work to do!

Later, bitches!


Anonymous said...

you had failed to mention "WE WANT ... STOP THE GENOCIDE." Another incomplete ESL sentence. i had a wonderful adventure with you this past saturday...and BTW i so did not TRICK you!!!

sarah said...

It's okay, Tricky Trickerson. I forgive you. Only because of the chow mein though.

I enjoyed our adventures too.

Awwwwwww! *internet hug*