Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I was wrong and so were you.

Did you think you were cool when you were 8? You were wrong. You were not in GQ. (via Brie)

Seriously. What 8 year old knows what an ascot is? This kid blows my mind.

I think maybe I want to meet a 20-something fellow with similar tastes in fashion who might perhaps be available for dates. With me. Forever.


brie said...

Yeah, suddenly the shirt that I had with the computer on it that actually lit up doesn't seem so hot or fashionable. I'm so glad that I wasn't in this kid's class at school!

sarah said...

To be fair, I *did* have pink chucks when I was 8. But they were the fakey kind, so I still lose.

Anonymous said...

What's an Ascot? What are Chucks?