Thursday, July 27, 2006

The drunk person motto.

You know it. It is the sure sign that you are two sips away from certain doom. You speak four little words and suddenly it becomes glaringly obvious to everyone around you that you, my dear are tanked. But those four little words are also quite lovely to hear, even from a drunk:

"I love you, man."

I'm not drunk, but I really mean it. I do love you, man.

I also love voicemail.

Today I got a voicemail from Jess. She called to tell me that she had heard Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now" on the radio and wanted to make sure that I heard it too. It was awesome! (BTW, I did hear it... and I loved every goddamn minute of it.) I also got a mystery voicemail from an internet cartoon. It read me a text message that it was pretending to send me so that we didn't have to talk anymore. It was amazing! (Thanks, Dave! Keep up the good work.)

And now I'm tired. Goodnight, snookums.


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