Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Love on the rocks... ain't no big surprise.

Every once in awhile you experience a moment that makes you say "Awwwww yeeeahhhh." I had one of those today.

I was working away, listening to the radio... and then what song do I hear? This one:


It made me so happy. Because damnit, I LOVE ME SOME NEIL DIAMOND! He is truly one of America's greatest treasures. Everyone thinks so. Even the Gap thinks so. See?

I love it. So hard. I have so many memories that are all tied up in Neil Diamond songs.

Like how every time I have ever driven across the border since I was about 13 I break out into a spirited version of "America". I'm talking LOUD SINGING here, kids. As soon as I can see the border crossing... "ON THE BOATS AND IN THE PLANES... THEY'RE COMING TO AMERICA!" And of course, I ad-lib. "IN THE GIANT MINI-VAN... WE'RE GOING TO AMERICA!" It totally annoys my mother. And I totally love it.

But I have a more meaningful connection to the music of Neil Diamond. I used to work at a casino. I hated my job more than I hate the smell of boiled hot dogs. And I really fucking HATE the smell of boiled hot dogs. It makes me want to vomit. ANYWAYS, the point is that my job sucked ass and every time I went there (which was EVERY GODDAMN DAY) I felt like a complete failure as a human being. But on occasion a certain musical act would play in the lounge. That act was Nearly Neal and the Solitary Band. Every night that they played it made me happy to be there. I would get so excited and for a few hours I would stop feeling like I was rotting away in a prison and instead would think that my job was pretty okay.

So thank you, Neil Diamond. Thank you for being so seriously fucking awesome.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I completely agree. Love me the Neil Diamond...but in a totally non sexual way...
Well, ok, maybe I'd let him spoon, but he'd have to be singing "Hello Again" quietly in my ear for me to let that happen...and if it did, I would weep like a little girl as he held me tight in his uber hairy arms.

sarah said...

That is a truly beautiful moment you have just created. Thank you for sharing it with me, Platypus.

See friends? This is what Neil does best. He brings people together.

PS: I wouldn't judge you if you really did weep like a little girl. I mean, who wouldn't in THAT situation?

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Anonymous said...

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