Friday, July 14, 2006

I really AM a faux asthmatic!!!

Good news, kids. I finally went to a proper doctor and the news is pretty okay. I am now taking antibiotics and 100% nerd certified nasal steroids. The antibiotics are in pill form and they are rediculously HUGE. Seriously. Every time I take them, I get nervous because I think that this will be the time that I will begin to choke on my medicine. I have to mentally prepare for it. It is quite intense.

The REALLY good news is that he doesn't think I have asthma! So I'm hoping that this will mean that as soon as I finally get better, there will be no more wheezing! HOORAY!!!!!! You have no idea how awesome this is. As a kid who was always healthy and took immense pride in having super sweet levels of lung capacity (what can I say, I was a horn player. We are proud of being able to breathe well.) it was quite devastating to learn that I might have suddenly developed asthma. So here's hoping that this doctor fellow is right. Screw you, asthma! We don't want you around there parts, so you'd best be moving along.

Go go gadget trombone lungs! (I don't know what that means either.)

On a side note, I just made a fantastic discovery... totally by accident! I was terrifically excited to learn that on George Michael's website, you can listen to EVERY SONG HE EVER MADE. I think that after today, a few of these bad boys are quite likely to make an appearance on my ultimate kareoke list.

Recipe for an awesome Friday:

Free pizza + George Michael + beer after work + BINGO = muthafuckin' GOOD TIMES.

See you later, puppets. I've got some singing - errr... make that working - to do.

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