Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Soy un perdidor...

I finally played bingo yesterday. It was terribly exciting. But I lost. That made me kind of sad. But I got over it.

Bingo is way trickier than I could have ever imagined. They call the numbers so fast... and then they keep changing the rules every time you play a new card... and then sometimes they call two numbers at the same time... and there is so much going on... and it's so confusing... and I think I was a little bit overstimulated. This is not difficult to achieve for me, as situations often become too much for me to handle... like when I am talking to someone and a bird flies by and then I spot something shiny.

But man alive. The most impressive thing about bingo is the old ladies. They are so good at it. I don't know how you get good at bingo, but they are. They can have 12 cards in front of them and never miss a number whilst smoking a cigarette and drinking a soda. Very impressive indeed.

On a different note, I think I am getting sick again. That sucks ass. Haven't I been sick enough this year??? I mean, COME ON!!! Can't a girl catch a break?? Apparently not. I think I need to stay at home every night this week and sleep away my impending illness. I probably won't miss any work though, because I never, ever call in sick. I don't know why. I feel guilty or something. I went to work through 4 rounds of bronchitis and a displaced rib.

I'm like motherfuckin' Superman or something. He would not stay home if he had a cold either.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on that Superman thing...If he got a kryptonite cold he would sure as hell be knocked on his red tighted arse.

Anyhoo, back to the matter at insulting you.

Obviously you're sick, sick in the head, stoopidhead.

Dave said...

Superman does not get colds.
He got shot in the fucking eye and it just bounched off.
Germs saw that shit and they made a pact never to fuck with that guy.

If only bad guys were so smart. Instead they think that attacking Metropolis would be a good idea and "Quel supise" Superman fucks up their shit.

Superman. He does not fuck around.