Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday, woot!

So yeah. Monday. Started out not awesomely. I woke up a million times this morning because it was so goddamn HOT in my room. So gross. I hate it.

THEN... I left the house this morning to have the goddamn gate slam shut after me (due to the clever new device the landlord installed to keep the gate closed so the dogs can't escape. Clever idea. Bad in practice.) I am so damn polite that I stuck my hand out to minimize the slamming noise, resulting in a sliver in the palm of my hand. They might be small, but those bitches HURT. Luckily, my work moms are a whiz at things like this, and they got it out for me. I think it is safe to say that tomorrow, that bitch can SLAM shut when I leave. I don't care about sleeping babies and neighbors anymore.

But who cares about Monday, anyways. Friday is totally where it's at! Thanks to all my homies who helped ensure that I got a little bit drunk, but not SO drunk that I acted inappropriately. Well, no more than usual. HA! Also, there was a slight bit of controversy... which always makes things interesting. I kind of love controversy. Is that wrong? WHATEVS. You love it too. You know it.

One more thing... the aquabus mini-cruise comes highly recommended. It is super fantastic! Damnit, I love the aquabus! So hard. It could be either terribly romantic or 100% comedy, depending on how you want to make it. Personally, I like a mix of the two. My favourite part was when I decided to create a little mood music, courtesy of the Wang Chung birthday card. Turns out, if I carry it on my shoulder like a boombox, I look super-rad. Ask anybody. It's true.

I'm going to eat my lunch now. It is a very important meal. Yum!

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