Tuesday, July 18, 2006

TLC and A&E - television for the soul.

Hey, you know what's weird? How I apparently fall in love with everyone who ever had a reality show on A&E. HAHAHA! Well, not everyone... but mostly all of the dudes on Inked and (for some strange reason which I still don't totally understand) Criss Angel.

Yes. That is right. It was decided last night whilst watching Mindfreak that I find Criss Angel kind of attractive.

He's kind of goth, which is why it's so weird. But when you see that boy without eye makeup... YOW.

AND THEN... I sort of became addicted to watching Miami Ink. And I also think that half the dudes on that show are super hot. I think it's mostly the tattoos. Since when do I think tattoos are sooooooo hot? Since now, apparently. I'm totally on board with tattooed dudes.

This is Ami. He has tattoos. That is hot. So does Yoji. Again, super hot. Basically, if a boy wears this exact outfit I will marry him. Damn.

Delightful. Just delightful. I love television. It helps me learn so much about myself.


Anonymous said...

Now I know what not to wear...MWAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAAHAHAAA!

Sorry, that was a touch harsh.

Sully kinda dressed like that...does that mean you looooooooooove Sully?
You love Sully, you love Sully, you love Sully!

sarah said...

Soooooo funny.

It doesn't matter anyways. Even if you wore that exact same thing, I would still want to kick you in the face.


Doesn't everyone looooooove Sully? You do. I'm pretty sure you told me that once.

ANYWAYS, the point is that the outfit helps to make you cooler, but does not guarantee that I loooooooooove everyone with the outfit. Just most of them. I'm not helping myself out here.

PS: I am feeling a touch combative today. Do you think anyone noticed?

Anonymous said...

I know I noticed, lashing out every wheres.

Cassie said...

Interesting!! AE TV shows are awesome...