Friday, July 21, 2006

A Gentleman and a Scholar...

Amanda and I have decided that this is a catch phrase that needs to come back. The problem is that we decided this at work yesterday, and no one around here is a gentleman nor a scholar. So I have yet to break it in. I mean, who am I going to say that to, Platypus? Actually, maybe I will. After all, I am irony's #1 superfan.

ANYWAYS, I had a pretty sweet birthday yesterday. It was good times. I hung out with my mom and sister, went out for dinner and made fun of other family members in their absense. You know, the usual stuff that goes on when I hang out with ma family! I got some sweet presents and was particularly excited by one item. This is the funny part, kids. Allow me to share it with you.

So, I'm opening my presents and I open up the card from my mom and dad. The envelope felt kinda heavy, so I was immediately curious. I open up the card, and a song starts playing. Which song, you ask?


That's right. I got a friggin WANG CHUNG BIRTHDAY CARD!!!! You don't even know how excited I was. You don't even know. I brought it to work today with intentions of annoying the hell out of everyone with it. I intend to leave some Wang Chung voicemail before I peace out of here today. I love it. So hard.

Speaking of Wang Chung-ing, everybody is totally gonna be doing some of that tonight, fo sheez. The ladies and I are taking a watertaxi tour, and I am terribly excited about it! It is going to be GOOD TIMES. Woot! I can't wait to Wang Chung!

Yes. There will definitely be some wang-ing of the chung going on. (Ha! I love how that sounds kind of pervy and weird.) I'm totally going to start telling people to Wang Chung. That's awesome. It's perfect for Friday afternoon conversations. Allow me to demonstrate:

ME: "Yo! MTV Raps! Got any plans for this weekend?"
THEM: "Yeah, I'm totally gonna get crunk tonight. Want to come?"
ME: "Yeah dude, we are totally gonna Wang Chung tonight!"
THEM: "To the extreme for reals! Hey, do you like Mister Mister?"
ME: "Ugh. Gag me with a spoon!"

See how well that works? I also suggest that you yell out "EVERYBODY WANG CHUNG TONIGHT!" whenever you enter a party or your local tavern. People will think you are super cool and offer to give you money... just for being you.

So... in conclusion, I propose that you all wang your chungs this evening. (I'm telling you, I will probably never, ever get tired of saying that. It's just so amusing.)

PS: If you know what's good for you, you will click on the first link I provided for your viewing pleasure. When you do so, a real gem of a song awaits you. It is not "Everybody Have Fun Tonight". I promise you, it's worth it!


Mary said...

Helloooo - to add to the wangchung fun of last night - check out 1500 of your favourite 80's music videos!!

brie said...

You are very funny...

I used to live above Erin and Michael---that's how I found your blog, through Erin's. I'm not some creepy blog stalker! I'm just another creepy blogger...ha.

Anonymous said...

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