Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!

Tomorrow I have to go see a new doctor. I hate going to the doctor. Cause I go there and I'm all, "Yo, what's the dilly? Why am I so ill?" and they're all, "I dunno. Drink some water and sleep." Always just seemed like a waste of time for me. Meh. BUT... I am going anyways so people will get off my case about this doctor business already.

Do you know how tricky it is to find a doctor these days? Nobody takes new patients anymore. I called my grandma's doctor to make an appointment and the lady is all "Sorry, but we're not taking new patients." SO... in an effort to use my clout I told her that my grandma told me they were taking new patients... and after dropping grandma's name, she said it was okay. So really, it's all about who ya know. Even for stupid crap like getting a doctor.


Anonymous said...

Obviously they didn't want your Gramma to come in a cuss em out with her sailor mouth.
Can ya blame them?

sarah said...

Nope. Why do you think I decided to make an appointment in the first place?

She really won't hold back with me, cause we're related.