Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go ahead, ants. Make my day.

They are back. Those little fuckers are back. Every spring my house becomes infested with ants. ANTS! Ewwww. So fucking GROSS.

They came out tonight. It all started when I spotted one. Then two. Then seven. I spazzed out and ran to fetch my ant-fighting boots. (Yes. I actually have ant-fighting boots. They are also used when encountering a variety of other pests. Also, for snow. So they are mostly my snow boots.)

See this? This is me, about to poison your ass.

I then spent a good solid 30 mins crouched over trying to follow them to see where they were coming from. I traced them back to a gap in the wall in the kitchen.


Not five minutes later, I was gleefully spraying them with horrifying chemicals. IT WAS AWESOME.

I bet they'll all be dead by morning. Those dumb little shits.


Mina said...

She's got legs, and she knows how to use them.

sarah said...

I do know how to use them... TO STOMP THE SHIT OUT OF ANTS.

Anonymous said...

Those boots with the shorts and bare legs gives you a Japanese-ee cartoony anime look. You're like a sweet ant-fighting anime person!

How'd you get the ant to hold the camera like that? You're like the animal master Steve Irwin version of a Japanese-ee anime ant fighting cartoon! Except you're totally not dead!


jasonb1 said...

you sure it wasn't your ugly ass, uhhh, uggs, that scared em away? purple uggs? you color blind or just style deaf?

sarah said...

Dude. That's why they are the ant-killing boots now!

I replaced them with black ones. HA!