Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Amazing Adventures of Dave and Sarah

Chapter 1: Taking it to the Motherfucking Drinking LIMIT.

As you can probably guess from the title, that is what Dave and I did last night. It was awesome. It all started off innocently enough, with good intentions of drinking a mere 2 pitchers of beer and then watching DVD's after.

But that shit didn't go down as planned.

We started drinking on a patio on Granville at approximately 5:30pm. (pacific standard time, bitches!) It was good times, drinking and just chatting away happily.

And then suddenly it was 2am and we were still at the same place, but there were more of us, because we forced school chums to come and drink with us.

We did not eat dinner. Just drank beer. Dinner is for fucking BABIES.

So basically, we both put in a full 8 hours of work... and then decided to work a double shift, with the last 8 hours getting blind drunk. Maybe if that were really part of my actual job, I would love it forever and never EVER leave.

I love taking it to the limit. Taking it to the limit effing RULES!

But remember kids, this shit isn't for fucking babies. So maybe you better not try this at home, bitches.


Lydia said...

Remember the day after (which was yesterday, if that doesn't blow your mind) when you two went out drinking again, but this time it was way better, because I was there? I do. Remember when it was almost 3 am and we were stuck behind a car because there was a guy leaning out of it puking? That was funny.

Anonymous said...

Alcoholic Anonymous

sarah said...

Oh Anonymous, how you plague me!

You had better watch it though, because tomorrow is Monday.

Monday is when we launch the full scale super secret spy mission of uncovering your identity. Afterwards, you can expect a full scale verbal assault, which will most likely be in the form of a lecture informing you of the merits of not being a total wanker.

PS: We are going to be best friends. BEST FRIENDS!

Anonymous said...

So a little birdy (mom) told me you get a grandma dinner. no fair.

Anonymous said...
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