Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Writing cheques...for which my body has insufficient funds.

I always tell people that I'm ghetto and poor... because I kinda am. But there is one person that doesn't seem to understand that. My body.

My eyes are all, "So... maybe we could get some sweet new glasses..."

My teeth are all, "Maybe if I kick out part of the old filling, we can get a new one."

Who do they think we (I) are (am)? Ritchie Rich? I big fat WISH! I would like to have a staff large enough to play any team sport of my choosing. But I don't.

I know what you are thinking. That is what extended medical insurance is for. But I don't get that shit. I have to save up to go the damn dentist!



Dave said...

Remember the time that we are totally going to get drunk?
It is tomorrow and I can't fucking wait. I think that we need to take it to the limit tomorrow and then take the limit to the limit. It will be the highest limit taking you have ever done.
The limit will be like "WHOAH YOU JUST TOOK ME TO THE LIMIT" and that limit will be like "WHOA! OTHER LIMIT, HOW YOU DOIN'?" we will actually introduce the limit to another limit and they will have little limit babies and then people will be taking it to new limits for eons to come because WE had the gumption to take the limit to the limit.

PS: gumption is the best word in the history of the roman alphabet.

Lydia said...

dave, i think you just totally fucked up the limits of time and space with your mind-blowing limit taking.

so when were you guys going to invite me to this shindig? or is it only for jerks employed in radio?

Anonymous said...

what about me? are 19 year olds too big of babies to invite anywhere?

Anonymous said...

So you only blog on work days?