Monday, April 17, 2006

Ha Ha Work Screw Ups are Funny!

Not really. They are not really that funny at all. Especially big fat huge ones. But what can you do. These things happen. (Hilariously so!)

I am eating sushi for lunch today because I had Easter dinner yesterday... meaning that I did not cook. It's a pretty okay situation to be in. Sushi is good times, man. Good times.

I have some exciting news. I think the circus is going to make a comeback. I can just tell. I am afraid of the circus, which is why my million dollar idea is a little unorthodox for me... but I am told that one must face fears. Even if it means running your own damn circus.


That's right, kids. And it's going to make me rich. How? Because of the freak show. Why? Because I have discovered the greatest talent of our time. It is so cool. Way cooler than a two-headed snake-lady. WHO IS IT?

My cousin Michelle's husband. He totally eats beer cans. It's friggin' amazing. You wish you saw it.

And once I get my circus together you will, my friends. You will.


PS: I totally hate clowns. There will be no clowns at the Sarah Circus.

There will be none of this at my circus! I don't care if he's crying! I DON'T CARE!!!

PPS: Perhaps I will call it "Cirque du Sarah" instead. People love things way more if they think it comes from France. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

How'd you mess up?

sarah said...

That is super top-secret classified information, missy.

Anonymous said...

Must have been pretty bad. I finished my easter candy :(.