Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jesus is the new black.

I was listening to DNTO today and it was all about hair. When they were talking about the new scruffy lumberjack-chic look that is sweeping the nation, they made reference to the fact that Jesus rocked that look AGES ago... and that, my friends, is when I came up with the deliciously controversial title above.

It's totally the new Jesus is my Homeboy.

And you are totally jealous that I said it first.

Either that, or you maybe want to throw rocks at my face. Whatevs.

Peace out, bitches!

PS: Violence is not the answer.


Anonymous said...

Raffi is all about the enviroment now.

sarah said...

Coincidentally, Raffi had a little bit of the Jesus facial hair thing going on.

That's weird.

But Jesus wasn't all about the environment. Not specifically, anyways. He had a much broader agenda.