Thursday, April 20, 2006

Work it, Peter Cetera!

Okay, so if you are like me and you work in an office... when people say things like "Work it!" I bet you (and everyone else in the building) think it is HILARIOUS. You would be right. Because you are at work... and working... and so "work it!" is funny. Shut up.

ANYWAYS, I like to try and have fun when I am at work. This involves incorporating activities such as the "blogging" and "internetting" and perhaps the occasional bout of "game playing whilst internetting"... all done on lunch time, of course.

This usually also involves rocking out to my own radio stations of awesomeness which I create on Pandora. I usually listen to music that I like... but not today. Today I decided to take it to the limit. The limit of HILARIOUSNESS!!!

I created a station based on the musical stylings of Peter Cetera and Chicago! More specifically, the song, "If You Leave Me Now". Ummm... HOLY AWESOMELY GOOD TIMES, BATMAN!!!

It's like re-creating the 1974 junior prom at JFK High in the town of Itty-Bitty, Wisconsin IN YOUR OFFICE. It's amazing.

This is Dan and Karen from 1974. They inform me that they can't wait for 2006, as they think it will be "really neat".

Not only does Chicago come to the party, but they bring some friends. Friends like BARRY MANILOW, THE FIFTH DIMENSION, TONY ORLANDO AND DAWN, NEIL DIAMOND AND MORE BARRY MANILOWS!!!!!!!

It's actually kind of romantic up in here. BUT SO FUNNY!!!!!

I really want someone to walk in here and discover what I am listening to... I hope it either
a) creates an awkward moment with a co-worker, or
b) said co-worker will totally get it and then we will laugh about it forever.

Hooray for 1970's easy listening!!! My mom is so jealous right now!!! I wan't even born yet when they were making this SOLID GOLD material!!!

Gotta go. Next I am thinking of experimenting with a little bit of Journey... you know, just to make me feel normal again.

PS: New catchprase of today: "I've got a fever... and the only prescription (thanks Dave!) is more Peter Cetera!"

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Dave said...

Remember the time when we tried to make a really awkward atmosphere and totally had Lydia thinking she was interrupting INTIMATE TIMES?

That ruled.

I was thinking about making a Funkadelic Pandora. I think that would rule pretty fucking hard. Funkadelic is like the Nirvana of soul. Tower of Power is the Weezer and James Brown is the Radiohead.