Monday, April 24, 2006

Manly Facial Hair - Friend or Foe?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say... mostly foe. All my manly readers, please take note. Here's my reasoning for the foe verdict:

Most dudes just simply CANNOT pull it off. Especially this new fangled Jesus-chic look that is sweeping the nation. If you are going to go for the full moustache-beard combo deal, you pretty much have to be either a) a REAL ACTUAL lumberjack, or b) Sam-goddam-Roberts, cause he's one of the few that do it well.

I saw a guy today (whom I totally do not work with at all. Not even a little bit. Total stranger, I swear. Seriously not a work collegue.) who seems to currently be in the process of growing the full on Jesus face. Problem is... he doesn't have the long Jesus hair to go with it. It is very short hair. Also, he was wearing clothing that most definately was not suitable for cutting down trees. You can't have the Jesus beard if you are going to not dress like an incredibly stylish bum.

It concerns me, this return to facial hair. It's like they all turned 13 again and we are in the middle of the episode of the Wonder Years where Kevin is trying so hard to grow a moustache.


Sorry boys, but you can't all be winners in the moustache lottery. Tom Selleck already took like, half the pot!

Oooh la la! Tom Selleck est tres chic! Vive le moustache! (Mais pas pour vous!!)

So, in conclusion... I say... no to gratuitous facial hair. Thank you, and goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

I saw a woman with a beard on the bus today.