Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ninja shoes are cool, but KUNG FU SHOES ARE LUCKY!

They totally are, because I went to a staff meeting today and they were giving away a prize. The prize was a sweet stereo.

This is TOTALLY MINE!!!!

I won the sweet stereo.

Everyone that lost was not wearing kung fu shoes.

But I was.

Therefore, kung fu shoes are TOTALLY LUCKY!!!!

The end.


Anonymous said...

Kung Fu shoes are not so lucky...see, you may have won the stereo, but you have lost that you lost that time.
Good luck getting that monster home sucker! Bet you wish you got a Yaris with a trunk now!!
Oh, and by the way: "slacker"

sarah said...

Oh, just you watch! I will put that stereo in my car... and it will FIT! You know why it will fit?

Because of kung fu shoes. Which, coincidentally, also fit on the side of your head.

I seem to really be all about kicking you in the head today. Sorry!

Lydia said...

Wow, I go to the Okanagan for a few days and miss out on EVERYTHING. Are your kung fu shoes the cheap ones from Chinatown? Because mine are the opposite of lucky. The last time I wore them, I fell down the stairs and totally bruised my tailbone. Yeah. You remember.

Anonymous said...

I want to see these kung fu shoes.

sarah said...

Child, you HAVE seen them!

You know my shoes from Chinatown? Those are for partaking in the Kung Fu.

If you want, I can wear them this weekend when I see you. Then I will Kung Fu your face off.

Please note that I'm not sure if it is the shoes that are making me so aggressive, or if it's because I hate people. Hard to say, really.

Anonymous said...

What are you getting the baby?