Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When good pants go bad...

That is my newest idea for a hit television show on the Fox Network in America. I know, I know... you are thinking, "How do you come up with these fantastic ideas??"

I will tell you how.

It is because I am wearing some pants today that used to be like... in my top 5 best pairs of pants... but today they are way uncomfortable. This is possibly due to weight gain on my part, but you can't blame it ALL on me. I mean seriously, who are you? My mother? (HA! Sorry Mom. I don't really think you do that. Sometimes I need to make up things so that people will think I am funny. This is just something you are going to have to learn to deal with. No one ever said being the mother of one of the greatest comedic minds to come out of the 80's was going to be easy.)

So yeah, about the pants. They are making me mad. I suppose the logical solution would be to go home, eat a salad and go for a jog. But I am not about logic. I think I should just yell at the pants until I exhaust myself, thereby exerting just as much energy as I would have if I had gone for said jog. Genius? Yeah, I know.

OR I could just hang out with these guys all the time. My pants would always look the best. These dudes obviously haven't ready the "What Not to Wear" book, cause they are soooo not dressing for their shape!

Tomorrow this will not happen. Mostly because tomorrow is Jeans Day and I am going to buy a button so that I can wear jeans on a Thursday. MUAHAHAHA! It sounds deliciously evil, until you factor in that part about it being for charity. Whatevs.

If making comfy pants is really this easy... then why aren't ALL pants comfy? I WANT ANSWERS!

SO... maybe tomorrow is fat pants Thursday! But not, because it will ACTUALLY be pants that make me look skinnier day. That should be every day. Just like give Sarah money day.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a giant coffee could have helped make those pants not so comfy. I on the other hand am super comfy to the max in my yoga pants. Perhaps we should invent yoga pants that look like real super dressy pants. could that work?