Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Didn't Carly Simon have a crappy song called Anticipation? I think she did. I bet it really is crappy, cause Carly Simon is totally overrated and I think she's kinda lame.

Guess what I am anticipating? Ths arrival of my delicious coffee drink. Yummmmmmmy.

It is really going to be this HUGE! I ordered it special. It will take 2 people to carry it up the stairs. DE-LISH!

You don't have a delicious coffee drink on it's way to you, do you? I didn't think so, bitches! Jealous much? HA!

Ummm... I am also excited because today is the first day of the year in which I have worn my kung-foo shoes. Not only do I look cute, but I can and will kick yo weenie ass if necessary. Plus, if feels like I am wearing slippers which is way fun.


Once his mom hems his pants, me and this kid are going to KICK YOUR HEAD OFF!

SO... I'm going to have my delicious coffee now, and contemplate running a quick 5k on my lunch break.

This is why I am not supposed to have caffeine.

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